December 9, 2012
Hello guys, TEB tactics is hoping you are enjoying all of our uploads on youtube. There are many different series going on at the moment, and our newest one being Skyrim Adventures. Be sure to head on over to our Youtube to watch more. Thanks!


November 30, 2012
Hey guys we have a nice collection of Black Ops 2: Zombies up on our YouTube, head over to Official TEBs channel and Subscribe! We also are filming our next Tranzit run tonight so be sure to come back later to check it out! 
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black ops 2

November 14, 2012
 Hey guys TEB-Tactics here. Firstly we would like to apologise for not being active enough. But we are back on the scene here and now shooting Black Ops 2: zombies footage. these will consist of Tactics, things of interest and gameplay from our members. Hope you all enjoy :)
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GTA 4 Story Walk-through

August 26, 2012

Here at TEB Tactical Gaming, we will be bringing you the full story of GTA 4 walk-through. Head on over to our youtube channel to get a glimpse of the first GTA 4 upload. Also, check out this montage from one of our users, Little Efforts. Enjoy :).

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First Montage Uploaded!

August 9, 2012
Hello there people, we have some exciting news, our first montage is up! (queue screaming now). Thanks to Little Efforts and Mrsbigfanny for the awesome gameplay :). Have a watch and see what you think guys! like, subscribe and comment! 
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Official-TEB is now online!

August 4, 2012
Hi there everyone and welcome to TEB tactics. In the near future we will be uploading short and long game matches in some of our favourite games. But our main focus is making Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 a tactical game, because as you may know this game is an arena based game. Running around like a headless chicken can be tedious, repetitive and lets face it, boring. So here at TEB Tactics, we will be making MW3 matches tactical and alot more fun to play. stay tuned!
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